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Specialty coffee,
Sustainability &

Connecting Moyee Coffee to the best specialty coffee in Brazil.

Connecting Giraffe Coffee Roasters to the best specialty coffee in Brazil.

track information on the origin and quality of specialty coffee

Welcome to the Agrorigem Traceability Seal! Here you can check all the information of the origin of your specialty coffee: photos, producer history, quality, control data and more. All to connect the production chain from the field to the cup.


Our story begins approximately 100 years ago.

It was in the outskirts of the city of Carmo do Paranaíba that the producer decided to start his legacy in agriculture. Years later, his son, known for his wisdom and entrepreneurship, took over his father’s administration, multiplying the business and further strengthening the family’s legacy.

Later, he glimpses the potential of a new business, coffee growing. A true lover of modernity and technology, His son started his first coffee plantations in the late 60s. In 1998 a new story began. A page turn. The father and his children, the fourth generation of the family, carry in their DNA the passion and enthusiasm for coffee growing, valuing the continuous search for the production of high quality coffee.

A LEGACY THAT HAS A NAME This is how São Luiz Farm was born. A new page that rescues a centenary history in agriculture, with more than five decades in coffee production.


Process: Pulped Natural

Screen: 16UP

Type: 2-3

Variety: Red Catuaí

Altitude: 1.050 mts.

Producing region: Cerrado de Minas

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